Week 24 The end and the beginning

Remember when we were kids or when you had kids of your own or grand kids who were always asking questions? Why this? Why that? What if? As we became adults we stopped asking so many questions; wither we became authorities or we assumed that we knew all that we needed to know. We became “adults.”

Last fall I was introduced to this 26 week class on changing your thinking by my mastermind partner. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I initially didn’t want to do it; it was out of my comfort zone and I didn’t want to commit to such a long involved process. My mastermind partner told me that I had to do this to find out what it is all about; she said “just drop out if you don’t like it.”

But here I am 25 weeks later and I can honestly say that I’m asking questions again and thinking differently. I think that I have become more self-reliant and on purpose. I know exactly where I’m going and why.

My results: I have totally focused on my definite major purpose in life. I read it several times a day; I have it memorized. I have a goal board with pictures of it on it. I have it set to music and I listen to it on my phone. I have associated it with colors and shapes and with exercise. Most of all I believe it is true. And now opportunities are presenting themselves to me out of nowhere. I truly believe that this would not have happened if I had not taken the time and the energy to discover what I really wanted and burned it into my subconscious mind. I wouldn’t even recognize the opportunities or have the nerve to do something with them.

This experience has changed my life for the better.

I am looking forward with enthusiasm to the rest of my life.  Thanks to all my new mastermind friends.

Peace Be The Journey



Week 23 Gratitude

“For unless my mood is right, the day is a failure. I will master my emotions.”

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining, the days are longer and the snow bank in front of our home is melting away. Everyday I receive spring catalogs in the mail. This is the perfect season to graduate from the Master Keys Class. I feel a re-birth, a new beginning in my life. Good things are coming into my life that I feel would not have happened if I had not made a decision and burned it into my subconscious.

Haanel’s writing in week 23 emphasizes that compensation is the keynote of the universe. He says that money “weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very existence.”

I do consider it a great privilege to be able to give. I am grateful that I am able to help others and to be of service. What benefits one – benefits all. I love the concept that money consciousness is an attitude of the mind. Since I have been thinking this way – money is always coming into my life in unexpected ways. It brings a smile to my face and I always say “there is plenty of money in my life, and I like to share it.”

I am a channel for the distribution of wealth.

I am the master of my emotions.

Thank you Mark, Davene, Trish, and all of my mastermind alliances.

Today I control my destiny.


Week 22 A Emerson

This week’s reading has been very demanding. I have been using the dictionary often. It was written in 1841- that’s 173 years ago! I think that all of us have become aware of our self-reliance after participating in the Master Keys. I would say that I feel more comfortable in my skin. I also think that it’s easier to be self reliant as I age. I am not a conformist like I was many years ago; I’m OK with being a little edgy. My “red shirt” with the Shirlaw training defined me as “a guide to innate possibilities.” My Master Key experience has confirmed it.

Week 22 Dis – ease

Dis – ease occurs when there is a disruption of “vital energy throughout the system”.

I have read that disease is cellular malfunction and there are only two basic causes; deficiency and toxicity. There are six pathways: nutrition, toxins, physical, genetic, medical, and psychological.

I know that interference to the nervous system either physically or chemically causes dis – ease within the body and when present we perform at a less than optimal state. If this interference continues over a period of time the result is chronic. Our whole being is affected when the “vital energy” or “innate intelligence” is interfered with.

I feel that combining what Haanel states about removing negative thoughts that are interfering with your minds ability to communicate with the universal mind constructively and removing the physical interference on nerves that interfere with our mind-body communication make for a powerful healing cycle from universal mind to innate mind to innate body and back.

Week 21 “BIG” thoughts

This week’s reading seemed like an overview of what we are doing and experiencing in the Master Keys Alliance. We are conscious of the power withing and hopefully thinking “BIG” thoughts. I liked the quote about what is constantly on our minds: “our lives are simply the reflection of our predominate thoughts”. Most of us have probably already experienced this in our lives without realizing it.

I was talking about this with my group this week and one of my leaders told the story of how she dropped out of college after a year, got married, had a baby and dreamed about finishing her degree. She thought about it all of the time, every day, every night. On a whim she visited a nearby prestigious college and went for an interview. She was blown away when she received a letter of acceptance. Her husband told her that there was no way they could afford tuition with two small children and his salary. The next day she received notice of a full scholarship including books and day care expense for her kids. She told this story with such passion and enthusiasm that everyone felt the energy of her success.

Another person mentioned her success at getting healthy and losing weight after many failed attempts. Once she made up her mind and pictured the end result; that was all that she could think about 24-7. The thought of being healthy and active consumed her thinking.  She was totally focused for 6 months and was finally successful.

These are a couple of examples of the law of attraction. (what we think about – like attracts like) I know that persistent effort with visualization will attract new things that correspond to “the picture in your mind.”

Words are the highest form of architecture. So continue thinking “BIG”.

Week 20 Continued thoughts on Fear and Power

I’ve been thinking that in order to overcome fear I need power and the only limitations I have are in my mind.

Yesterday my yoga instructor told the story of “Mike” who is recovering from a broken leg. Tuesday he decided that it would be very beneficial for him to take four yoga classes in one day. He would have one day completely devoted to Bikram “hot” yoga to help him in his rehabilitation. By class number two he was telling himself that “there was no way he could do all of these poses by class three”. What happened is very enlightening. After class two he stopped thinking and just did the poses; in fact after class four he decided to go on to class five. So what he learned was that once he stopped “projecting” and just started doing; he realized that his limitations were in his mind. This is a valuable lesson for me and I thought this story was a good fit for our class this week.

After class I started thinking about my “mental limitations” which are powered by fear, indecisiveness, and all of those feelings which hold us back.

#4 in Haanel this week states” Thinking is the true business of life, power is the result.” I also loved #13 in Haanel: “The power of thought, if understood and correctly used, is the greatest labor saving device ever dreamed of.”

My mantra today is power overcomes fear; use your fear to find your power. This power is in my control; it fuels my imagination. It inspires me. I am fearless.


Week 19 Fear/Power

I experienced physical fear on a mountain top in Utah. I’m not a great skier; I can get down a moderate east coast mountain and have a good time. Until our family trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming several years ago, I had never experienced skiing above the tree line. I know that I am claustrophobic and I cannot handle caves and tight places; I didn’t know that I also had an “altitude fear” for lack of the correct term. After getting off the chairlift on my initial run I was paralyzed with fear. There was snow in every direction, no boundaries, just down, straight down. I was able to ski off the mountain by traversing for miles with my heart racing, heavy breathing, sometimes crying; it was terrifying for me. To this day, I can still picture the events of that afternoon as if it were yesterday.

Fear is a very powerful emotion.

I also remember an evening where I started out feeling very nervous and anxious before I had the opportunity to give a presentation before 50 people. As soon as I started my presentation I was able to relax and enjoy sharing my experience. I had rehearsed my talk, I had notes in case I forgot the high points; but I didn’t need them. I was smiling and felt powerful afterwards and had a real high. I had accomplished something that many people are so crippled with fear that they are unwilling to even try.

Power is a very powerful emotion.

I think that I can reflect on both of these life experiences and learn from them. I made it down the mountain, I did not die, did not break any bones, and I lived to tell the story. I can remember how I felt after the good presentation, the comments people made, I can reflect on how I felt.

Every day when I repeat my mantra “I am strong, powerful, healthy, harmonious, and happy;” I am developing my sense of power; Power to live my DMP. I have no fear; I remember how crippling fear was for me and I don’t ever want to feel that way again.

I will use the “power stance” and repeat my DMP with feeling every day!